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The Institute offers intensive classroom programs, including week-long workshops by renowned industry experts,
opportunities for networking with other retailers, and tailored in-store classes.

Our classroom offerings foster in-depth discussions in a collaborative environment. You and your colleagues will
openly explore critical issues that directly impact your business.

 • For nearly a decade, the Institute has hosted the annual International Supermarket Management Class (ISMC).
Retailers from around the world congregate for a week-long, multi-lingual classroom experience that accelerates
the development of high-potential associates by broadening their industry knowledge.

 • The Institute offers the Retail Executive Leadership Program (RELP) for retail leaders who determine their business's
direction, strategic planning and people development. The RELP is available for organizations that have the need for a
tailored, in-store program that meets specific store’s management and executive training needs. The organization can
determine the length of the program as well as the topics to be included.