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Supermarket Management Class 2.0 is a program 40 years in the making. Designed for passionate supermarket people, this event will be a deep dive into really practical solutions for both the common and the more challenging problems operators experience in their stores each day.

Lots of sleep, an open mind and a willingness to learn/share with others are the only course prerequisites. One other thing, be ready to work. We begin each day at 7:00 am and work up until bedtime. This program will undoubtedly exhaust and exhilarate you at the same time.


Day 1:  To Lower Prices or Raise Standards?

Early Bird Session: A BIG WELCOME to Supermarket Management Class 2.0

  1. Strategic Planning: Identifying and Developing Distinctive Points of Difference
  2. Creating a Great First and Lasting Impression
  3. Merchandising Magic 3.0 - The 5 Key Merchandising Principles
  4. In Search of Freshness: The Great Differentiator
  5. Recruiting Strategies...What You Don't Know Could Really Hurt You! - Deb Keller
  6. Crafting a SMARRTEST Goal: Let’s end day one with another plan to improve!

Evening Activity: Group Assignment: Read Supermarket Rules...Pick 5 Favorites
Please read Supermarket Rules (book provided) and select your five favorite
rules which you’ll adopt. Estimated time to complete (ETC = 2 hours).

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Day 2: Building Sales, Controlling Costs!

Early Bird Session: "Drilling Down for More Sales Dollars"

  1. Supermarket Rules (52 of them!)
  2. Resuscitating Center Store Sales. It’s Not Too Late!
  3. Asset Protection: The Art and Science – Bill Alford/Joe Laufenberg
  4. Why You Might Be Spending Too Much – Mitch Fairfield
  5. Crafting a SMARRTEST Goal: Let’s end day two with a plan to improve!

Evening Activity: “Tour of Stores in Downtown Chicago”
Your team will be given a map of downtown Chicago where you will visit at least three of the five stores highlighted.
After the tour, your group will agree on the one, best “Take-Away” and share it with all of us in the morning.


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Day 3: The Power of Passionate People

Early Bird Session:  Creating a Cost-Effective Employee Orientation Program

  1. Am I the Leader I Need to Be?
  2. Employee Retention Rules...Sneak peek into Harold's New Book
  3. "Creating your Listening Culture" - Doug Madenberg
  4. Achieving Superior Customer Relations with Engaged Employees
  5. Crafting a SMARRTEST Goal:  Let’s end day three with another plan to improve!

Evening Activity: Share your SMARRTEST Goals with each other
During this 90-minute assignment, you will identify your Top Two “Take-Aways” from our first two days together.
You will then begin to draft a SMARRTEST Goal for each of them.

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Day 4: Creating a ‘Yearn to Learn’ Culture in Your Company

“Culture is not the most important thing, it’s the only thing” – Costco’s co-founder, Jim Sinegal 

  1. Early Bird Session: Time Management Techniques.."It's about Time"
  2. Creating a Positive Work Culture/Enhancing Employee Performance
  3. Working and Learning with New Technologies – The Role of Middle Managers
  4. Flatter Organizations, Smaller Budgets and Lifelong Learning
  5. Strategies to Improve Retention – How to Optimize the Formation of Memory
  6. Best Practices in E-Learning for the Supermarket Industry

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Who Should Attend?

  1. CEOs desiring to stay fresh.
  3. Store Operations Executives looking for alternative solutions.
  5. Merchandisers trying to complete the puzzle.
  7. Successful Store Managers in search of a greater understanding.
  9. New Store Managers looking for a major head start.
  11. Department Managers with experience in at least three departments.

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Registration + Pricing

Because each day is designed as a stand-alone event, we are offering a per day price of $395. Attend for all four days for $1,295. The price includes all materials, refreshments and daily lunches. Does not include travel, hotel or other meals. 

Group Discount:  Send 8 and the 9th participant is free.

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Contact Information:                                                         


Deanna Lloyd 
Harold Lloyd Presents
2805 County Place
Virginia Beach, VA 23456-3881
Ana Velázquez 
Retail Learning Institute 
8745 West Higgins Road
Chicago, Illinois 60631
Hotel Information:  
Chicago Marriot O’Hare 
8535 West Higgins Road
Chicago, Illinois 60631
Name of Event: Super Market Management Class
Standard Room:
 $184.00 + Taxes

Harold C. Lloyd
Harold Lloyd Present

Paulo Goelzer, Ph.D 
IGA Coca-Cola Institute
Retail Learning Institute

Norman C. Mayne
Dorothy Lane Market


Joe Laufenberg
Sr. Director 
Loss Prevention

Mitch Fairfield 
VP of Business Development 
SIB Fixed Cost Reduction LLC.   

Deb Keller 
VP of Compliance 
Reference Services, Inc.

William Alford 
International Lighthouse
Group, Inc.
Doug Madenberg 
Retail Feedback Group